The base model of my pens consists of a standard acrylic construction, Jowo #5 or #6 steel nib, cartridge/converter/eyedropper filling, and a factory made clip or clipless design. Pricing for pens is as follows:

  • Base price for standard acrylics: $250 (+$25 for acrylics that require internal polishing, i.e. demonstrator pens)
  • Ebonite: +$15
  • Alumilite: +$15
  • Vintage celluloid: $10 for section only, $25 for barrel, $50 for entire pen
  • Wood: +$75
  • Metal accent bands (nickel silver or bronze): +$25
  • Handmade clip (nickel silver or bronze): +$50
  • Nib upgrade (18k or 14k gold jowo): At cost (generally in the $75-$100 range)
  • Nib upgrade (Pelikan, Visconti, etc). Nibs must be provided by the customer: +$25 extra labor fee
  • Piston filling system: +$100
  • Button filling system: +$50
  • Syringe filling system: +$50
  • Additional sections can be made for $25 each. This is a great way to dress up your clear demonstrator for a different look!
  • Sculpting: Most pens can be sculpted. I have mostly done a nine-sided (nonagonal) cross section on my pens, but I can do other numbers of facets if desired. I also started making a pen with a rounded triangular type cross section, called the “Prism.” This is a very intensive hand shaping process, and carries a $75 charge.