A little Update

I’m happy to say that I’m finally settled in and have adapted to my new job and lifestyle, however unfortunately my penmaking equipment still resides in my parents basement. I’m currently driving there about every other weekend to try and work through my existing orders. I’ve come to the decision to suspend any more orders until further notice. I know that people hate nothing more than waiting for custom pens to be done, and I can’t promise to fulfill orders within a certain time frame, due to the inconsistency of me being able to work on pens, so it’s just simpler and less of a headache to forego taking any more orders for the time being. I’m hoping that within in the next year or so I will be able to set up shop a little closer to me, and be able to work on pens more consistently.

Also worth noting is a price increase on all my pens. I hate to do this, but I can’t ignore the fact that my costs have gone up significantly. In order to work on pens, I now have to spend about $80 in gas, and give up my entire weekend to do so, not to mention wear and tear on my truck. This is an unfortunate aspect of business, and I wish it weren’t so.

Thanks everyone for your understanding, and happy New Year’s!

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