I am a firm believer that taking time for yourself to make things and experiment is essential to progression as a designer/craftsman. Often times I get in “commission mode” and feel like I’m doing nothing but trying to knock out my orders. This is a good way to get burnt out, so I try and punctuate my commissions with little “R&D” projects. This keeps me from getting bored, plus lets me work on expanding the types of pens I can offer.

This is my latest design project: A faceted pen. This project came to being as the result of a friend requesting that I do a faceted pen. I’ve always kind of wanted to try this, but there were a lot of unknowns, such as how to lay out the facets, and how to shape and sand them while keeping them reasonably defined. Due to these unknowns, I never bothered attempting one. After getting a large order of clear acrylic rods in, I figured I had the perfect medium to try it on, so I took a saturday off to try it out. I’m pretty happy with the results! This is a nine-sided (nonagonal) pen. It has a tapering profile on both the barrel and cap, which probably made the faceting process more difficult! I originally was going to put a clip on it, so I made the cap with a threaded finial. I received a lot of positive feedback from this on the various social media I am active on, so I am going to go ahead and offer faceting as an option! I look forward to making more of these in some more interesting materials!