Vintage Materials

I just got some new vintage celluloid rods and tubes in some different colors today, so I figured it would be a good time to update my picture of what available colors/patterns I have.

From Left to right:

  • Purple and black chip
  • Pinkish-purple and black chunk
  • Burgundy lizard skin
  • Black and red lizard skin
  • Red/black/gray chunk
  • Green lizard skin
  • Green and black chip
  • Blue/black/gray chunk, AKA fake “Impero”
  • Blue crosshatch
  • Blue lizard skin
  • Blue and red chip
  • Silver-gray crosshatch
  • Gray lizard skin
  • “Black granite” Mazzucchelli Cebloplast
  • Gold marbled with red flecks

These come in limited diameters, so the size of the pen that can be made is somewhat constrained. Email me at for any questions!



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