New Piston Filler

I just finished this alumilite piston filler, and am quite happy with how it turned out! I have been a little obsessed lately with curvy, forward-threaded forms, and really wanted to try one with a piston filling system. This alumilite, called “sea flames”, which I purchased from Exotic Blanks, turned out to be really nice in person! As usual with most of my pens, I fabricated a clip for it from nickel silver. Clips take a lot of work to make, but I feel they are unparalleled by any factory clip, as they are designed to fit the particular pen in question. Besides, after putting all the hours in to make this a piston filler, why skimp on the clip!

This pen can of course be made as a cartridge/converter/eyedropper filler as well. Any questions can be emailed to me:


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